from beach to beach

Just a short distance from the beautiful beach of Aquadulci we would like to suggest three walks to discover the beaches and interesting stretches of coast in the area. The first (see below) is best in the morning, if you are used to waking up early, or in the cool evening hours. The second starts from the last parking area of the Su Giudeu beach, which you can reach on foot from the hotel by walking along the beach for about 15 minutes, or by car in just a few minutes. The third itinerary is along the panoramic road linking the hotel to the small port of Teulada and gives you the chance for stopovers and a dip in the sea of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.


– A walk towards the Tower of Chia –

Su Giudeu is the name of the islet in the centre of the bay, a large schist formation clothed by Mediterranean brush vegetation; it is also the name of the whole stretch of beach fronting the hotel. From Aquadulci you can easily reach the shore along the walkway bordering the marsh. Then proceed left along the bank and you will reach the starting point of the long sandy beach, which borders on a small lagoon area: the beach is known as Pontile, due to the old jetty whose ruins can still be seen. On the left a long thin tongue of sand borders two large lagoon areas connected one to the other, Su Stangioni de su Sali and S’Acqua Ucci, a natural habitat for the pink flamingos and many other species of migratory birds. If you have decided to take your walk in the late afternoon, you will be amazed by the warm colours of the beach of Campana, just beyond the small promontory and the high dune separating it from Su Giudeu. Still further on another stretch of golden sand, no less surprising, accessible both from Monte Cogoni and from Sa Colonia. But don’t stop here – cross the rocks framing the Campana beach and take a dip in the small, exquisite bay of Cala del Morto, hidden behind the promontory of Monte Cogoni. Before returning, you still have to pay a visit to Porticciolo, a hidden bay curving in an almost perfect crescent, framed by the promontory of Torre di Chia and by a second smaller promontory separating it from the beach of Su Coldorinu. From here it is easy to reach the islet of the same name by walking across a small sand bar lapped by crystal-clear waters: an appealing view, dominated by great rocks moulded by wind and wave. On the islet you will find the mysterious ruins of Bithia, an ancient nuraghic city still inhabited in Phoenician and Punic times and under the Romans: a magic spot, where you will feel all the fascination of those far off days.



– A trip to the lighthouse –

To reach the beach of Cala Cipolla leave your car in the last parking area of Su Giudeu and then continue on foot for a few minutes. But you can also reach your starting point on foot, walking to the right along the beach fronting the hotel until you come to the rocks closing off Su Giudeu: a long walkway will bring you to the rise from which the trail begins. Once past a low hill, marked by the dirt road which crosses the promontory of Capo Spartivento and reaches the lighthouse, amidst Mediterranean brush growth and dunes dotted with pines and junipers you will find a splendid crescent of white sand lapped by the azure sea. The cove is framed by the granite rocks of two promontories, which stretch out to sea and almost form a natural pool; it is formed by a narrow strip of sand which broadens in the centre towards the hinterland, blending in with the thick brush and the dunes covered in vegetation. The blue water of the bay is dotted with a few clear-coloured rocks.


A sheltered spot traditionally used by the local fishermen, Cala Cipolla is an ideal haven when the strong mistral wind blows along the coast. From the beach, a short walk will bring you to the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, perched on the rocks high above the sea – a stroll in the cool of the evening will be rewarded by a truly breath-taking view.



– By car towards the port of Teulada –

Take the panoramic road for Capo Teulada and enjoy the view of the numerous small inlets, the cliffs dropping sheer to the sea and take time out on one of the gleaming white beaches you will find along your route – an unforgettable experience that will remain with you forever.

There are a number of places along this route which invite a stopover, perhaps the most appealing is the charming bay of Perdalonga. The beach, gleaming white, can be reached after a short walk. To the left, taking a pathway which runs through thick vegetation, you will come to another small bay and a small beach. The charming view from the path is dominated by the bright colours of the natural pool below. Further on you will find another stretch of sandy beach, closed off by a small juniper wood, where you can stop for a dip, before going back to the car.

At about 1 km from Perdalonga is the splendid beach of Tuerredda, sheltered from the strong winds and famous for its gleaming white sand. Facing the beach, there is a small island of the same name which rises from an always calm turquoise sea. It will be difficult to leave the fascination of this gem of our shores! Past Tuerredda, along the road to the port of Teulada, you will enjoy a splendid view of Capo Malfatano, Piscinnì and the other numerous bays and small beaches which dot this last stretch of coast before you reach the destination of your trip. The beach of Portu Tramatzu for a dip at sunset and the small port of Teulada for a pre-dinner cocktail will make a fitting end to an unforgettable day.


all aboard!

The coasts of Sardinia seen from an elegant schooner. Fresh breezes and clear seas under the shade of the spread sails.


an afternoon in the saddle

A horseback tour along the coast to relive the past of a timeless island - what better way to appreciate Chia and its natural beauty.