Your safety

Our hotel is spread over an extensive area, offering large open-air spaces that allow effective social distancing.
In order to ensure more privacy, we have reduced our guest capacity and separated entry and exit routes, which are clearly marked.
On arrival, your body temperature may be taken with a digital thermometer; if your body temperature is above 37.5°C, the necessary precautions will be taken.
We have made several hand-sanitiser gel stations available for guests to disinfect their hands in all of the common spaces.
We have also installed glass partitions at reception, to guarantee more effective distancing.


– Pre check-in –

In order to speed up the registration process, all of the information required for check-in will be requested before your arrival; room keys will be handed over directly in the hotel.


– Smart check-out –

The evening before your departure, you will be sent the bill for your stay by email, which will then be finalised at reception.


– Hygiene and cleanliness –

Our rooms all have private balconies or terraces, which help to aerate and ventilate the environment.
All of the rooms and common spaces are regularly and meticulously cleaned and sanitised with disinfection equipment and ozonisers; the air conditioning systems are sanitised with products recommended by the public health protocols.


– Staff –

Our staff have their temperatures taken at the beginning of their shifts, and wear masks when they are working in contact with guests and it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2 metres.
As well as the training and professional development courses that they regularly attend, they have also taken part in a course on the application and observance of public health and safety protocols, as established by the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and the appointed government bodies.
The delivery of goods and entry of our suppliers is regulated by strict safety protocols.


– Please note –

In case of emergency, we will adopt the following procedures in accordance with the provisions of the official authorities:
Isolation of the infected person in their own room
Guests and staff who have come into contact with the infected person will be isolated and put in quarantine.
The doctor in charge will be contacted
If it is necessary to come into contact with the infected person, specific high-security personal protection equipment will be used.

We also invite you to visit the Regione Sardegna official website