get inspired

You can’t plan what will surprise you – what we can do is create occasions for the unexpected to occur.

from beach to beach

Three walks along the shore – three great small trips to discover the colours and fascination of a truly unique sea.

all aboard!

The coasts of Sardinia seen from an elegant schooner. Fresh breezes and clear seas under the shade of the spread sails.

an afternoon in the saddle

A horseback tour along the coast to relive the past of a timeless island - what better way to appreciate Chia and its natural beauty.

along the wine routes

A simple gesture, a hand lifting a glass of wine, is what it takes to feel the scents of this land and savour the pleasure of true flavour.

Costa Verde

A thousand-year story against the backdrop of amazing wild natural landscapes.

Cagliari, Pula and Nora

An ideal itinerary, starting among the shaded streets of the historic districts of Cagliari and ending amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Nora.