along the wine routes

The most typical red wines of the Sulcis area, Carignano and Monica, and its perfumed whites, Vermentino and Nuragus, accompany daily the dishes served at Aquadulci. Their authentic, simple and intense flavour is born from the dedication of winegrowers devoted to research and conservation of the native grapes and the local winemaking tradition. They have safeguarded the heritage of ancient wisdom and today they return these flavours to us enhanced by the advances of modern wine science. We like to introduce our guests to the local winegrowing heritage, so we always suggest that you visit at least one winery, chosen from those closest to the hotel: a short trip, freshened by a dip in the sea along the way, perhaps enriched by a short visit to one of the many archaeological sites in the area.


One possible itinerary is the following: drive from the hotel along state road 195 in the direction of Domus De Maria. Leave Teulada behind you and continue on the same road to Sant’Anna Arresi. Here in this village, just a stone’s throw from the sand dunes and the crystal-clear sea of Porto Pino (well worth a stopover for a swim), you can visit the Mesa Winery, in the Su Baroni locality. This is a young but already well-known Winery, created by Sardinian advertising whiz Gavino Sanna. The Winery’s name,”Mesa”, means ‘table’, the old communal table symbolising the spirit of welcoming and good cheer. The same spirit conveyed by the stylish white buildings standing in the centre of the large estate, where you can taste the Winery’s signature wines – Buio, Opale, Giunco, Malombra.
Back on the main road, you can make for the Cantina di Santadi. But before driving into the village, take a turn for Villaperuccio, where you will find the Montessu necropolis, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the region – a short trip back in time to the far off days of nuraghic Sardinia.


At Santadi, the Winery is in Via Cagliari. You will be impressed by the competence and kindness of your guides through the historic cisterns and the barrel cellar, where the best wines of the area are aged: Terre Brune, Rocca Rubia, Shardana. At the Winery’s wine shop, at the end of your short tour, you can savour the extremely refined yet simple taste which is the hallmark of these wines.


To return to the hotel, take provincial road 70 in the direction of Teulada. On the way, you can stop to visit the Is Zuddas caves – yet another small adventure to discover the beauty of a Sardinia known only to a few.


from beach to beach

Three walks along the shore – three great small trips to discover the colours and fascination of a truly unique sea.


all aboard!

The coasts of Sardinia seen from an elegant schooner. Fresh breezes and clear seas under the shade of the spread sails.