a green soul

Our green vocation has its roots in the extraordinary nature that welcomed us many years ago. This is where the history of the hotel began, with the recovery of an old building, its green areas, and its natural materials that were once the only ones available. Care for the environment and its history was already something we felt strongly about when we arrived here, at the place that has always been called Acqua Dulci, and discovered its charm. The magic has remained as it was then: Aquadulci is still the island of silence where you can find yourself, welcomed by the unique breath of nature.

The spirit of change

We like to share with our guests the spirit of profound change, which affects all of us and is made up of small, apparently negligible gestures, the meaning of which is becoming more important every day.

A taste for life

The food on our table comes from local companies, organic and eco-friendly. We ourselves make the bread, pasta, and desserts while the vegetables for the vegetarian dishes on the menu will shortly be harvested with our own hands, in the vegetable garden that we have created not far from here.

Little steps

In the rooms, restaurant and other common areas of the hotel, waste is banned and everything, from the wood of the furniture to the paper of our small publications, is made from environmentally friendly, recycled or recyclable materials. We carefully avoid the use of single-serving products and, as far as possible, plastic. We use low-consumption light bulbs and manage the energy in the rooms so that the power is switched off when guests leave. We also choose state-of-the-art air-conditioning systems and adjust them so that they stop working automatically when the windows open. We use flow reducers for the taps and store rainwater for watering the garden when the weather is fine.

An invitation

True, these are small things - Maybe too small, and too few. They are worth a heartfelt welcome for those arriving in this ancient land, charming and infinitely sweet: they are worth an invitation to those who want to keep its spirit as we do.