an afternoon in the saddle

A holiday is always an opportunity to halt time and savour pleasant moments which, once the summer is past, will bring back warm smiles of remembrance. A horseback ride is one of the best ways to get to know Chia and its natural attractions.


Just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel you will find the stables run by Giancarlo, a genial character, with a thick white beard and – always – a jaunty cap. He accompanies our guests on their excursions, suitable for both kids and adults, choosing the best routes according to length of tour and level of experience. Among these itineraries we recommend that leading from the stables to the beach of Cala Cipolla. High on your saddle you will have a splendid view of the great beach, the pink granite rocks and the clear sea, as the horses’ pace lulls you into a pleasant reverie. On along the dirt road leading to the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, and you will find yourself at the top of a short rise offering a splendid scenic view towards Capo Teulada. The fantastic shapes of the rocks, modelled by wind and waves, emerge abruptly from the sea forming the impressive Padiglioni, granite formations looking towards the Ferraglione islets. The coastline becomes irregular, proceeding to the west, and curves to shape a number of coves and deep inlets where the restless tide uncovers a bed of fine white sand.


As the sun drops down and as you take your last glance at the magic scenery, take time out to hear your guide tell the tale of these places, the history of Chia and its surroundings in his own words: just one more unique memory to take back home. On the way back, without warning Giancarlo will take you to canter along the beach. Dazzled by the light reflected from the marsh created by the winter rains, you will find yourselves back at the stables, enthusiastic at your short adventure. A great experience, helping you to understand what it means to live at Chia, enjoy its natural beauty, its light and what it means for us to live here year round at Aquadulci.


from beach to beach

Three walks along the shore – three great small trips to discover the colours and fascination of a truly unique sea.


all aboard!

The coasts of Sardinia seen from an elegant schooner. Fresh breezes and clear seas under the shade of the spread sails.